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Croí Laighean Loans

Whether you’re planning a bucket list holiday, buying a new car, boosting your business or giving your home a makeover, we are here to help with a Credit Union loan. We loaned over €38 million last year — and we’ve more to give!

Even better, you can apply for and receive a Credit Union loan from the comfort of your own home! Simply apply on our website – if approved, you can sign your loan documents through DocuSign and we will issue funds directly to your account!

Why borrow from us?

  • 99% approval rate
  • Low-cost rates, no hidden charges
  • Flexible terms, no penalties for early repayment
  • Free Loan Protection Insurance (terms and conditions apply)
  • Quick decisions, with some loans being approved on the same day
  • Tailor your loan to suit your repayment ability

infoTo apply, you must be a member of Croí Laighean Credit Union

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Car Loans
Car Loans
Whether you’re buying your first small car or upgrading to a top-of-the-range model, we’ll have a loan option that won’t brake the bank! We’re geared towards getting our members on…
PCP Buster Car Loan
PCP Buster Car Loan
Check out our new PCP buster car loan which allows you to tailor your loan to suit your repayment ability at one of Ireland’s lowest car loan rates – 5.5%…
Home Improvement Loan
Home Improvement Loan
We want to make your idea of a dream home come true. Last year we provided the community with over €8.5 million in Home Improvement Loans, and we’ve much more…
Covered Loan
Covered Loan
If you’d like to borrow while maintaining your savings, a Covered Loan is a flexible and empowering option. Borrow any amount up to the value of your Share Account —…
Green Loan
Green Loan
Our new Green Loan will help you make energy-saving improvements to your home at a low rate of 6%. Plus, avail of a variety of SEAI grants to help make…
Mortgage Loan
Are you ready to make the leap from tenant to homeowner? When you’re ready to take those first steps towards your own home, we will be ready to help!
Travel Loan
Travel Loan
Whether it’s a weekend break to see family or friends, an overseas wedding or a bucket list holiday you’ve planned for years, trust us to sort your spending money. We…
Business Loan
We’ll make it our business to give your business a helping hand. Whether you’ve set up a new venture or you’ve served our community for years, we’d love to jump…
5 Year Fixed Loan
5 Year Fixed Loan
Life can be expensive – from a new baby to redecorating your home, or even consolidating debt so it is easier to manage! We are here to help you enjoy…
7 Year Fixed Loan
7 Year Fixed Loan
Life can be unpredictable… and expensive! That’s why we offer a 7 year fixed loan on amounts over €30,000 and up to €100,000.
10 Year Fixed Loan
10 Year Fixed Loan
Sometimes we need a little flexibility in our finances, while still maintaining some certainty. That’s why we offer a 10-year fixed loan on amounts from €40,000 up to €100,000.
Back to School Loan
Back to School Loan
If you think children drain your cash in the summer holidays, it’s nothing on the financial hit when they go back to school! Kitting your kids out for a new…
Student Loan
Student Loan
Third level education isn’t getting any cheaper, but we’re smart enough to know an investment in your college career is a trickle-down investment in our whole community. We’re masters at…
Can't find what you need?
Can't find what you need?
Can't find what you need? Let us know and our team will be in touch!
Celebrations Loan
Celebrations Loan
Whether it’s Christmas, a wedding, a big birthday or any other important moment, We can help you to enjoy life’s milestones with a Celebration Loan. Seeing happy members is a…
Consolidation Loan
Consolidation Loan
It is easy to accumulate debt through various loans over the years. Why not simplify your finances, by transferring your loans to us for consolidation into one easy and manageable…

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APR means Annual Percentage Rate. The repayment amount quoted is for illustrative purposes only, to provide you with an overview of the potential cost of borrowing. Restrictions may apply.

While every care has been made in the production of this web page, the Credit Union, or any of its staff, cannot be held responsible for any omissions, errors or other mistakes on the site. This web page is for illustrative purposes only, to give you, the borrower, an overview of the potential cost of borrowing.

This does not constitute a loan offer. Loans are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future. For more information, contact us on freephone 1800 23 24 25. Loan amounts and 99% approval rate is based on figures from 2020.

Rates are correct as of 1/10/2020 and are subject to change. Croí Laighean Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    CLCU have loans for everything you want to borrow for. Whether it’s a new car, dream kitchen or getting onto the property ladder for the first time, CLCU can help you. We offer loans of up to €100,000 and we also do larger business loans and mortgages.

    We make quick loan decisions, with some loans being approved on same day.

    Yes, new members can apply for a loan straight away. Unlike the old Credit Union myths, you don’t need to have saved with us, or have a certain amount in your account.

    You must be a member to apply for a loan. It’s simple to join and it takes approximately 3 minutes to complete the application form. You join online, or in branch but you must work, study, or live in our common bond. Alternatively, you can also join if you’re associated with a member (i.e., a spouse, parent, sibling, or child).