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Tips To Help Manage Back To School Expenses

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28th August 2020

Getting ready for the new school year is an exciting time for kids, but it can be stressful for parents. From bus passes, to iPads, books and uniforms – it can seem like a never-ending list! On top of this, returning to school isn’t cheap and many parents need to save money where they can, so it can be spent on more important things later. Here are some tips to help manage going back to school without emptying the piggy bank:

  • Plan Your Finances

Assess all costs early, from books to bus passes, so you have the full view of anticipated expenses. Saving can be helpful, but this isn’t an option for everyone and it will reduce your rainy day fund – which is crucial for families to have. Croí Laighean CU offers personal credit such as our One for One loan, which allows parents to borrow up to €1,000 for 12 months max, at the low rate of 6.73%. – saving you money for the next unexpected expense!

  • Figure Out What’s Really Needed

From the bottom of school bags to drawers – you never know what the kids have hidden away! Before buying anything new, do a quick check of your house – a forgotten pack of pens from last September or unused copies lying around can help save money! Try to separate what’s really needed from what’s wanted – kids will always want the lunchbox that’s on trend, but sometimes there’s nothing wrong with their old ones!

  • Rent & Buy Second-Hand Books

Most schools provide book rental schemes – but if yours doesn’t, all is not lost! While book lists may change, there is usually a previous class who studied the same reading list. Check notice boards, parent associations and even sites like adverts.ie to see if you can salvage some textbooks. If you have older children, try to save their old books for their younger siblings – you never know what might come in handy!

  • Expect the Unexpected

Even the best laid plans can go awry, so be prepared for unexpected costs to pop up over the first couple of weeks and throughout the school term. From a lost book or broken tablet, to school trips, sports activities and even the occasional ‘jersey day’, there’s always something new. For last minute expenses, Croí Laighean CU offer personal loans and top ups on existing loans (subject to T&C’s) to help members get through the school year.


Kids heading back to school this September? Croí Laighean CU offers a range of loans to cover all needs from books and uniforms to iPads – with market leading rates, flexible repayment plans to suit all budgets and application decisions within 24 hours. Contact our lending team in branch, on 1800 23 24 25 or visit our website to learn more.