COVID 19: How To Access Our Services Safely

26th November 2021

With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases we would like to remind our members that whilst we love to see you in person, we have a full range of services to ensure you can do everything from the comfort, and safety, of your home.

We are keeping our branches open to help Members who need it, but we are reducing the hours in certain branches. Please see the planned opening hours for the coming weeks here. The increased risk of infection could also mean that we may regretfully have to further close some branches unexpectedly. We will update this section if our opening hours change and will advise you as far as we can via our usual channels.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused, and we thank you for your understanding. If you are visiting a branch, please help protect our staff and each other by following the guidance regarding mask-wearing and social distancing. Stay safe.



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